Thing to do in Tunisia

Tunisia is a very pleasant city. It has a combination of two breath: a medieval market and modern Muslim neighborhoods along the harbor. The city center is the most ancient name of Medina, was founded in the 7th century, located around Oliva mosque, built in 703. If organized a tour of Tunisia for the whole family, you please visit wheels Hasanidov, the palace, the Dar al-Bey 8 and Dar Bin Abdallah of 18-19 century is decorated with marble and paintings vivid.

In the market, people sell traditional products of artisans including: fabric, jewelry, wool products and perfume … Walking around the old town you will find very interesting. Bardo Museum in Tunis is home to one of the world’s most beautiful collections: a collection of objects is simply lovely mosaic from ancient Roman times. Dar Hussein’s palace is an excellent museum of Islamic art.

Thing to do in Tunisia
Thing to do in Tunisia
Thing to do in Tunisia 


Although previously, this place is beautiful, but was destroyed in the last century. Now, the ruins of this city still attracts a lot of tourists by the historical significance of the place.

Sidi Bou Said is a picturesque little village with the blue and white building with beautiful trees were planted on a peaceful street. Your family can come to this village after visiting Carthage. In the village there are many souvenir shops and small restaurants. One of the restaurant which is located on a hill overlooking the picturesque bay, hidden flickers white yachts.


This is a small town about 40km from the town of Tunisia. It is known for its temples Shower. The temple is located at the foot of high mountains green (high to 1.295m). From the top of this mountain, you can see the Gulf of Hammamet and Tunis, separated by land Bon roof.

Talasso therapy

Talasso – translated from the Greek means “water treatment”. Modern methods Talasso scientific sea water, sea mud (Algo and algae) for the treatment, and massage by the sea. This method can be anti-aging, to preserve the body.

Therapeutic Talasso the asset value of shares retained from Roman times and Carthage led people here are racing to build public baths on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Today’s world more and more people use Talasso therapy for treatment. Among them were Princess Caroline of Monaco and other members of the Royal family. Prevent stress due to the impact of Thalassotherapy is rated very high, especially among Western politicians and business leaders. They can be treated effectively without having to use drugs or application of expensive treatments.

Material of Talasso sea water is sucked up in 450m from shore to a depth of 6m. There one can get clean sea water, rich in minerals and trace elements is identical to human blood plasma. Thanks to these qualities, Talasso provide therapy for those who are tired of the lack of micronutrients, especially iodine, sulfur, potassium and calcium. With water at a temperature of 37 ° C, sea water or mud bath, humans can absorb what’s needed in just 20 minutes.

Talasso therapy can improve skin health and quick recovery for signs of fatigue, exhaustion, depression and stress. Not only that, Talasso also supports reducing the pain in the joints, rheumatism. Massage and mud bath of seaweed (marine mollusks and algae) help blood circulation. Exercising in warm water to help treat arthritis, spine, legs, arms, obesity and mental fatigue.

And finally, although always available luxury hotels for you to choose from, but please hold party night, or organize the campsite, you will have an unforgettable time.