Tripoli travel guide

Tripoli travelTripoli travel – Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city, it is a Beirut-Clause 85km to the north. Long Tripoli has emerged as a center of trade finance economic importance of the Middle East region and is one of the main tourist center of the region.

Tripoli has many tourist attractions along with many luxury hotels and entertainment destinations, the natural landscape and architectural wonders. Off the coast of Tripoli with four small islands, the largest of which is the Palm Island should be seen as a natural protected area of green turtles and a variety of birds.

Recently Libya fall to avoid instability when the people protest and oppose the dictatorship of President Gaddafi’s government. Recently many countries evacuated their citizens from Libya, as well as recommend their citizens not to Libya at the moment, this feature makes it difficult for the Libyan tourism industry was even more difficult.