5 Tropical Destinations With A Difference

When you hear the words ‘tropical holiday’ your mind immediately goes to secluded beaches, white sand and palm fronds. Without a doubt, all of these elements can make up a fantastic trip, but if you like a little culture with your tropical getaways, we’ve got five destination suggestions that are not only steamy and tropical, but culturally enlightening as well. From Vietnam hotels to Thai street markets, we’ve got the lowdown on tropical vacations with a twist. Are you game?


The stunning southeast Asian jewel of Vietnam is a hotbed of culture, history and scenic vistas that’ll have you wondering how you can swing a permanent move there. After being ravaged by war in the seventies, Vietnam has slowly recovered to become a tourist hotspot ( check more in this website ) . With its steamy, lush forests and extraordinary coastline, its French-influenced cuisine and bustling local villages, Vietnam will enchant and delight.

 Local people on their bicycle along a rice field
Local people on their bicycle along a rice field


Bordering Vietnam is the tiny nation of Laos, breathtaking in its steamy beauty and perfectly suited for the tourist who wants to experience a slice of southeast Asia without too much Western influence. The capital of Vientiane and nearby city Luang Prabang have incredibly fast-growing tourism industries, so whether you’re wandering through temples or tubing down a secluded river, you’ll love what Laos has to offer.


Darwin, in Australia’s North, is a tropical city that stands apart from the crowd. Contemporary Australian culture mixes with ancient indigenous culture in the capital of the Northern Territory, and while it has its fair share of stunning coastal vistas, it also features some of the most exciting (and dangerous) wildlife in the country, including box jellyfish, sea snakes and saltwater crocodiles. Darwin is definitely the place to experience the tropics with some bite.


For something really different, Zanzibar is a true marvel. Set off the coast of Tanzania in Africa, Zanzibar is an island of exotic spices, pristine beaches and crystal water. Its steamy climate is the perfect setting for exploring the nearby markets or ruins of the old town, and the local culture is interesting enough that you’ll feel like you need an entire month to explore it properly. The epitome of exotic travel, Zanzibar combines all the best elements of a tropical island with all the intrigue and history of ancient Africa.


A hop, skip and jump away from Australia’s Northwest coast lies Bali, a rich cultural and historical destination that pleases every traveller. Whether you’re hanging out between surfing at your Jimbaran hotel or getting lost in the Hanging Gardens of Ubud, Bali is the ultimate in tropical destinations. Great waves, friendly locals, spiritual ambience and incredibly lush surrounds make Bali the destination of choice for millions of tourists each year.

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