Air Travel Packing Tips

Packing your luggage like a pro is not only about cramming the most amount of items into as small a space as possible … it’s also about knowing what to pack!Use our top air travel packing tips to help you have a fun hassle free holiday.

The Carry-On: What to include for international travel

Use light weight compactible carry-on luggage. Why? Because they can fit into different spaces and will adhere to most airport carry-on size restrictions. Here’s what you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing and socks
  • Slip on shoes
  • Neck support (inflatable pillows work well)
  • Body pillow and soft blanket (usually standard on long flights)
  • Change of clothing (for emergencies: if your flight is delayed or you miss your connection)
  • Ear plugs and comfortable padded sleeping mask (sleeping masks are usually standard on long flights but they’re not the most effective/comfortable)
  • Electronics and valuables (they should not be packed in your travel luggage)
  • Documentation: Passport, Driver’s License, Insurance information, Travelers checks, Credit cards, Airline tickets
  • Prescription Medication
  • Toiletries: Comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, small face cloth

If you’re traveling from, to or through the United States then don’t forget to check the Transport Security Administration (TSA) for what you are and aren’t allowed to pack in your carry-on and check through luggage.

Traveling luggage: More important tips

  • Shop for the items you need several days before your trip to avoid last minute convenience buying.
  • Invest in a customized mini drugstore with various basic items like aspirin, band-aids, antacids, and cold remedies. Hotel convenience stores and local pharmacies are notoriously over-priced.
  • Always have an extra pair of socks, panty hose, and underwear somewhere. Be prepared for anything and everything, including delays. If there are delays on your return trip, for any reason, it is reassuring to know that you will at least have fresh undergarments to wear!
  • Liquid laundry soap can be a good investment for clothing that needs a little spot cleaning or laundering.
  • A toiletry bag stocked with your toiletry and bathroom essentials ready at all times will reduce the likelihood of forgetting something important like your toothbrush…

A typical packing checklist

  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 3-4 shirts
  • Clothes for comfort while traveling.
  • One sport-jacket for men (some restaurants require them)
  • Swimsuit
  • Cover-up for beach or pool
  • Raincoat and galoshes
  • Hat, beret or sun hat
  • 3-5 pairs of underwear
  • 5 pairs of socks – cotton or wool
  • Sleepwear
  • 1 pair of sturdy well-broken in comfortable boots or sandals (I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have comfortable shoes. If you only take one tip out of all of these, then let it be this one!)
  • For winter include a down jacket, waterproofed boots, gloves, hat and long underwear

Air travel packing tips: other items to consider

  • Camera batteries
  • Zip-lock or plastic bags (seal)
  • Dictionary or phrase book
  • Maps
  • Money belt of pouch
  • Extra glasses, contact lenses and prescriptions
  • Inflatable hangers
  • Combination lock
  • First aid kit – bandages
  • Pocket flashlight
  • Analgesic
  • Antiseptic towelettes
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Insect repellent
  • Nail clipper, tweezers, dental floss
  • Roll of transparent tape
  • Moisturizer
  • Adapter
  • Lip balm
  • Razor blades and shaving cream

Travel , one of 3 best Ways to De-Stress

Stress is a funny thing. While these days we usually consider it a hindrance to our everyday quality of life, it came into existence for the very opposite reason—as an evolutionary survival technique. The feeling we get when we are under stress is actually the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response in action. Originally, (way back when we were cave people) that response was something that could save your life when faced with, say, a cranky sabre-tooth tiger or a woolly mammoth that wanted your campsite for his own.


The adrenalin stress pushes through your body (the dry mouth, the loss of appetite, the racing heart) is the tool we were given to defend ourselves, either by putting up a fight or running like hell. The problem is that these days, the scarcity of woolly mammoths—or in fact any large animal likely to eat us at any given moment—means that we use that fight or flight response for much more insignificant and non-life-threatening events.

All this means that our bodies are under stress far often than they’re designed to be, which is why we occasionally need to get away on luxurious Fiji holidays or head out to the country where there’s nothing to trigger us off! Here are 3 ways to de-stress, if you’re thinking you might need to.


Meditating not only helps to calm the never-ending list of questions and thoughts running through your brain, it can help you feel centred, focused and strong enough to cope with stressful events as they happen, rather than letting them build up and affect your body and mental health.

There are so many ways to meditate, and finding the way that works best for you is key. Do a bit of research into different meditation styles and start practicing a little each night. While it may be hard to quiet your thoughts at first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it!


Exercise releases endorphins, which can help clear out that pent-up adrenalin (you know, the stuff that’s not getting used to fight tigers and mammoths!) At least 20 minutes of exercise per day is the perfect way to get on top of stress and keep your body regulating its own adrenalin production. The key is to find an exercise you enjoy—there’s no point doing something each day that you dread, therefore adding to the stress, rather than easing it! Swim, do yoga, play a sport or simply go for a walk with your iPod in and forget about the rest of the world.


More and more people are turning to travel to try and balance out the stress of their day-to-day lives. While it’s not always possible to jet off to a foreign destination every time you get a high phone bill, having set times where you escape it all not only gives you something to look forward to, it can help you hit pause on the stress-button and regroup your troops, so to speak.

Whether you’re sitting in a quiet hotel or enjoying a vietnam holiday in the Whitsundays, there is something about being geographically removed from your everyday life that can help you become emotionally removed from the stress of it.

What to do in JURONG bird park

singaporeAs for Jurong bird park, it’s advisable to spend at least half day there. If you must go to Jurong bird park, can I suggest you visit Jurong bird park in the morning instead as Jurong bird park opens at 8:30 a.m.. This way you would be able to maximize your time in both Jurong bird park and USS. Suggested itinerary would be as follows:

8:30 a.m. – Jurong bird park
1:00 p.m. – Leave Jurong bird park and head down to USS.
2:00 p.m. – Arrive at USS
7:00 p.m. – Finish your day in USS

If you would like to focus on the attractions for kids in USS, I would recommend the following itinerary (the sequence follow the routes in the map that I embedded in my article):
1. New York – Watch the show – Lights, Camera, Action!®Hosted by Steven Spielberg
2. Ancient Egypt – Treasure Hunters kiddy rides
3. The Lost World – This is a theme area designed for kids, you can spend more time here. Show that must not be missed -> Waterworld – catch the 5pm show
4. Far Far Away – A fun theme area for kids as well. Shows not to be missed -> Shrek 4-D Adventure and Donkey Live
5. Madagascar – A theme area for kids as well.

I believe all these activities in USS should be able to cover in 5 hours. To answer your query of how to get to Sentosa from Jurong bird park, they are actually located quite a distance away. I would strongly recommend you to take a cab to avoid wasting any time looking for MRT or buses. Since you’re going to do 2 attractions within a day. It takes about 30 mins for a cab drive from Jurong bird park to Sentosa island.

You may use this link to estimate the travel time and cab fees for different distances.

Good luck and have a nice trip!

5 Tropical Destinations With A Difference

When you hear the words ‘tropical holiday’ your mind immediately goes to secluded beaches, white sand and palm fronds. Without a doubt, all of these elements can make up a fantastic trip, but if you like a little culture with your tropical getaways, we’ve got five destination suggestions that are not only steamy and tropical, but culturally enlightening as well. From Vietnam hotels to Thai street markets, we’ve got the lowdown on tropical vacations with a twist. Are you game?


The stunning southeast Asian jewel of Vietnam is a hotbed of culture, history and scenic vistas that’ll have you wondering how you can swing a permanent move there. After being ravaged by war in the seventies, Vietnam has slowly recovered to become a tourist hotspot ( check more in this website ) . With its steamy, lush forests and extraordinary coastline, its French-influenced cuisine and bustling local villages, Vietnam will enchant and delight.

 Local people on their bicycle along a rice field
Local people on their bicycle along a rice field


Bordering Vietnam is the tiny nation of Laos, breathtaking in its steamy beauty and perfectly suited for the tourist who wants to experience a slice of southeast Asia without too much Western influence. The capital of Vientiane and nearby city Luang Prabang have incredibly fast-growing tourism industries, so whether you’re wandering through temples or tubing down a secluded river, you’ll love what Laos has to offer.


Darwin, in Australia’s North, is a tropical city that stands apart from the crowd. Contemporary Australian culture mixes with ancient indigenous culture in the capital of the Northern Territory, and while it has its fair share of stunning coastal vistas, it also features some of the most exciting (and dangerous) wildlife in the country, including box jellyfish, sea snakes and saltwater crocodiles. Darwin is definitely the place to experience the tropics with some bite.


For something really different, Zanzibar is a true marvel. Set off the coast of Tanzania in Africa, Zanzibar is an island of exotic spices, pristine beaches and crystal water. Its steamy climate is the perfect setting for exploring the nearby markets or ruins of the old town, and the local culture is interesting enough that you’ll feel like you need an entire month to explore it properly. The epitome of exotic travel, Zanzibar combines all the best elements of a tropical island with all the intrigue and history of ancient Africa.


A hop, skip and jump away from Australia’s Northwest coast lies Bali, a rich cultural and historical destination that pleases every traveller. Whether you’re hanging out between surfing at your Jimbaran hotel or getting lost in the Hanging Gardens of Ubud, Bali is the ultimate in tropical destinations. Great waves, friendly locals, spiritual ambience and incredibly lush surrounds make Bali the destination of choice for millions of tourists each year.

Things to do in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya in Africa. The city and surrounding area form Nairobi particles. The name “Nairobi” comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyirobi, meaning “place of cool water”. However, it is widely known as the “Green City of the Sun” and is surrounded by many suburbs differentiate themselves.

Things to do in Nairobi
Things to do in Nairobi

Established in 1899, the city was awarded the capital status from the old capital of Mombasa in 1907. It is also the capital of the Nairobi Province. The city lies on the Nairobi River, south of the country and high relative sea level is 5450 ft (1.66 km). Nairobi has the highest urban population in East Africa, an estimated 3 to 4 million people (according to 1999 statistics), the population of the administrative area of Nairobi are 2,143,254 people living in an area of 684 km ². Since the establishment of a railway camp in 1899, Nairobi has grown into the largest city in Kenya and is one of the largest cities in Africa. Nairobi is now the leading city in terms of politics and finance in Africa. The city is located to many firms, companies, and is the center of culture and business.

1. Safari (opencast Zoo)

Millions of people want to go to Kenya to participate in the trip domain of wild (Safari), did you just leave the capital to be able to immediately implement this exciting trip. Nairobi National Park (National Park Nairobi) is probably the only wildlife park in the world where you can get to by taxi or bus. This is the habitat of many wild animals such as lions, leopards, jaguars gêpa, giraffes, hippos, zebras, antelopes and many other rare species. Inside the park, do not forget to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (roughly translated: wildlife rescue center David Sheldrick). Here, about 11 hours until the afternoon, you can see one for rhino uncle, the orphaned elephant mud bath. The eastern edge of the town is the Langata Giraffe Center (Center Giraffe Langata) and Manor Giraffe with deer poked her head to the window to greet the guests.

 2. Tusker beer

Dust, hot, noisy and boisterous, refreshing beer is born to Nairobi. Did not seem to be anywhere, enjoy a glass of beer to “drink” so. Famous specialties available anytime, anywhere in Nairobi is Tusker. The discerning believer can enjoy this beer in Casablanca, a Moroccan-style bar on Lenana road or at the Lord Delamere Terrace in Norfolk on Harry Thuku.

 3. Karen Blixen Museum

Danish farm that the author in his famous autobiography “Out of Africa” has been living in the years 1917 – 1931 has now become a museum. (“Out of Africa” based on the true story of her narrative by the main character Karen Blixen, about a woman live without happiness the cold indifference husband, fell in love with a gentleman from hunters UK. covert love each other, they do adventure in the badlands with fear mixed with joy, hope and despair). Many scenes in the film is adapted from the book has been done on this land. Oscar-winning film of the same name in 1985. A tour around the house was a special experience. It’s the best place to have a cheap weekend getaways for couples. You will see firsthand that Blixen portable lamp hanging in the porch to inform lover, hunter guy who I knew she was at home. This will be an interesting experience romantic.

 4. The Kibera slum

Kibera is a slum from the center of the Kenyan capital Nairobi about 5 km. With a population of about 600 thousand to 1 million people, is the second largest slum in Africa. Kibera accounts for less than 1% of the Nairobi area but contains more than a quarter of the population of this city. Visit the world’s third largest slum is not a good idea, but a few hours in Kibera are always useful in terms of education. It is recommended visitors make unofficial visits, without a guide or escort but some travel agents still have this journey, which includes visiting orphanages or even solar energy project is being done here.

 5. Nairobi Java House

Most Kenyan coffee is sold in some stores around Mt. Kenya and is sometimes referred to with the name of the capital Nairobi. Class specifies the size of the bean, for example AA is the largest coffee grain, then the A & b.
Kenyan coffee cup. Café Kenya include the kind of bold flavors and most complex coffees taste, sour mixture of alcohol and fragrance analysis contained in the sweet coffee fruit. Nairobi Java House is one of the best quality coffee shop chain in the continent. Be sure to click each test mixture Kenya AA coffee in Nairobi Java House and take some seeds home as a souvenir. Chain stores are also present at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport – a little something special for flights early in the day.

6. Save Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma, means’ grilled meat “, is the unofficial national dish of Kenya. Quan outdoor Carnivore is one of the most famous and prestigious address in Nairobi. It is also famous for its unique dishes such as ostrich meat, crocodile and camel. A meal costs about $ 20. And the service will continue to serve until you put the small white flag on the table.

 7. Muthaiga Country Club (Country Club Muthaiga)

Muthaiga is stone works from the colonial era with a column of pink and white, the the ancient animal head hanging on the ceiling of a beautiful bar is maintained or library with 20,000 books. It still applies the provisions rigid: in some room after 7 pm, men are required to wear vest and tie, women are not the Member’s Bar, flip-flops, T-shirts, phone mobile and not national costume hat will not be inside. This is only for club members with up to hundreds of attendees. Find a person and ‘who’ space to enjoy this wonderful place.

8. Matatus

Vehicles and popular mainly in Africa’s minibus (small bus) from the locality known as matatus. Vehicles equipped with TV screens, great sound system inside and outside are personalized with the image of Michael Jackson, the kung-fu hero and even Osama bin Laden. When did the car sit for sustainable because you are about to participate in the ‘race’ between vehicles in the city. This is the image “sub-culture” Africa with tickets at the door only a few cents.

 9. Rift Valley

Can tell, nowhere say much about Africa as Rift Valley plains, geologic characteristics, fauna and is one of the cradles of human civilization. Also known under the name Great Rift (great rift valley), valley created by the cracks in the earth’s crust about 20 million years ago, of a width of more than 100m, 45m is the narrowest, the two sides is the cat ears jagged cliffs. Great Rift cut across many African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi …. In Kenya, the beauty of the slopes and the vast plains of the Rift Valley brings strong emotions to tourists, while Road to Nakurru suddenly “jumped” to the western edge of the valley and “dive” down for thousands of feet. On the sky, you can see hundreds of miles away to take Tanzania.

10. Cruise Jambo Kenya Deluxe

Nairobi-Mombasa railway is one of the best train journeys in the world, especially if you go by Jambo Kenya Deluxe. A first class ticket $ 50 will give you a luxurious space with 2 beds, a sink in the closet, turn a 3 course dinner and a delicious breakfast, all of which are placed on a table covered towel and white porcelain dishes are of the 1950s.

Tripoli travel guide

Tripoli travelTripoli travel – Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city, it is a Beirut-Clause 85km to the north. Long Tripoli has emerged as a center of trade finance economic importance of the Middle East region and is one of the main tourist center of the region.

Tripoli has many tourist attractions along with many luxury hotels and entertainment destinations, the natural landscape and architectural wonders. Off the coast of Tripoli with four small islands, the largest of which is the Palm Island should be seen as a natural protected area of green turtles and a variety of birds.

Recently Libya fall to avoid instability when the people protest and oppose the dictatorship of President Gaddafi’s government. Recently many countries evacuated their citizens from Libya, as well as recommend their citizens not to Libya at the moment, this feature makes it difficult for the Libyan tourism industry was even more difficult.

Thing to do in Tunisia

Tunisia is a very pleasant city. It has a combination of two breath: a medieval market and modern Muslim neighborhoods along the harbor. The city center is the most ancient name of Medina, was founded in the 7th century, located around Oliva mosque, built in 703. If organized a tour of Tunisia for the whole family, you please visit wheels Hasanidov, the palace, the Dar al-Bey 8 and Dar Bin Abdallah of 18-19 century is decorated with marble and paintings vivid.

In the market, people sell traditional products of artisans including: fabric, jewelry, wool products and perfume … Walking around the old town you will find very interesting. Bardo Museum in Tunis is home to one of the world’s most beautiful collections: a collection of objects is simply lovely mosaic from ancient Roman times. Dar Hussein’s palace is an excellent museum of Islamic art.

Thing to do in Tunisia
Thing to do in Tunisia
Thing to do in Tunisia 


Although previously, this place is beautiful, but was destroyed in the last century. Now, the ruins of this city still attracts a lot of tourists by the historical significance of the place.

Sidi Bou Said is a picturesque little village with the blue and white building with beautiful trees were planted on a peaceful street. Your family can come to this village after visiting Carthage. In the village there are many souvenir shops and small restaurants. One of the restaurant which is located on a hill overlooking the picturesque bay, hidden flickers white yachts.


This is a small town about 40km from the town of Tunisia. It is known for its temples Shower. The temple is located at the foot of high mountains green (high to 1.295m). From the top of this mountain, you can see the Gulf of Hammamet and Tunis, separated by land Bon roof.

Talasso therapy

Talasso – translated from the Greek means “water treatment”. Modern methods Talasso scientific sea water, sea mud (Algo and algae) for the treatment, and massage by the sea. This method can be anti-aging, to preserve the body.

Therapeutic Talasso the asset value of shares retained from Roman times and Carthage led people here are racing to build public baths on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Today’s world more and more people use Talasso therapy for treatment. Among them were Princess Caroline of Monaco and other members of the Royal family. Prevent stress due to the impact of Thalassotherapy is rated very high, especially among Western politicians and business leaders. They can be treated effectively without having to use drugs or application of expensive treatments.

Material of Talasso sea water is sucked up in 450m from shore to a depth of 6m. There one can get clean sea water, rich in minerals and trace elements is identical to human blood plasma. Thanks to these qualities, Talasso provide therapy for those who are tired of the lack of micronutrients, especially iodine, sulfur, potassium and calcium. With water at a temperature of 37 ° C, sea water or mud bath, humans can absorb what’s needed in just 20 minutes.

Talasso therapy can improve skin health and quick recovery for signs of fatigue, exhaustion, depression and stress. Not only that, Talasso also supports reducing the pain in the joints, rheumatism. Massage and mud bath of seaweed (marine mollusks and algae) help blood circulation. Exercising in warm water to help treat arthritis, spine, legs, arms, obesity and mental fatigue.

And finally, although always available luxury hotels for you to choose from, but please hold party night, or organize the campsite, you will have an unforgettable time.